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K9 Services - Idaho Falls

We strive to give the best service and believe that we achieve that every day. We treat your property with respect and attempt to leave everything as we find it except the dog dirt! We pick that up and haul it away with us. We also sanitize our equipment between each customer so as to prevent the spread of disease. Oh, and if your dogs happen to be in the yard, we give them some loving too (just can't help ourselves).



- Weekly Clean-Up Service:
$10.50 Per week For 1 Dog, +$1 Per Additional Dog

Weekly cleanings will keep your yard healthy and looking great. We recommend this service for any number of dogs you may have. Cleanings occur once per week, every week of the month and billings occur once a month.

-Twice Per Week Service:
$10.50 Per service day For 1 Dog, +$1 Per Additional Dog


Twice per week cleanings will keep your backyard in tip-top condition. We recommend this service if you have four or more dogs, a high traffic yard or are very particular about the cleanliness of your yard. Cleanings occur twice per week, every week of the month and billings occur once a month.


-Once Every Other Week Service:
$16.00 Per service day For 1 Dog, +$2 Per Additional Dog

Once every other week cleanings are recommended if you have one or two dogs and a particularly large yard where there is no heavy accumulation in one particular area. Cleanings occur once every other week or approximately twice per month, billings occur once a month.

- One Time Clean-up:
$35 for one dog, $10 each additional

A thorough cleaning is perfect for spring, if you're selling a home, getting ready for a party or just tired of looking at a mess in your backyard. 

Outside our service area? Give us a call! We travel for special projects! Rates are based on mileage traveled and time spent cleaning.

Commercial Service

Perfect for hotels, condos, apartments, rental properties, business parks, bike paths, playgrounds or any other area that is used by the public and their dogs. Call to schedule an appointment with us to estimate your project. 208-589-3283


K9 Services - Pocatello, Shelley, Blackfoot

- Once Every Other Week Service:
$23 Per visit for up to 2 dogs, +$5 Per Additional Dog

Cleanings occur once every other week on Saturdays and billings occur once a month.

Parking Lot and Event Litter Pickup Service

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