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My name is Dave Elder. I have always loved dogs and remember my first one in fact. Her name was "Greta" and she was a St. Bernard. I was about 12 when my mom got her for me. She was a great pet. Fast forward about 35 years and today you will see my wife and I with our own children and our two dogs Murphy and Riply.

Chores are never fun and we have all argued with each other about whose turn it was to clean up after the dogs. I figured that if we made a fuss about it that there must be others that do also. That's when the idea of starting a "Poo" business hit. So now we run our little cleaning business in the evenings and weekends after our day jobs and school. We are excited about it and are ready to go to work for you!

Our Mascot

You may notice the picture of our dog "Riley" that we use on a lot of our marketing materials. He is in the header picture at the top of our website. We had to put Riley down in 2009 at the ripe old age of 18. He was a calm soul and touched every heart he came across. We still miss him! Rest in peace Riley...


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Dave Elder

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