Dog dirt a pain in your grass?

Why use a pooper scooper service?

The average dog leaves 3 "presents" per day in his backyard. GotPoo? will thoroughly clean your yard on a regular schedule to keep it healthy and sanitary. All droppings are scooped and hauled away at no extra fee. Some yards need an initial One Time Clean-Up before regular service can begin.

"Our dogs no longer track in poop! It is so nice to know that even the inside of our house is cleaner. Thank you GotPoo!" -Idaho Falls Resident

Dog feces is more than just a nuisance - it can pose a serious health hazard. Why? A number of common parasites, including round worm, are transmitted via dog feces. When infected dog droppings are left on the ground, the eggs of the roundworms and other parasites can linger in the soil for years. As a result, anyone who comes in contact with the soil also comes in contact with the infected eggs.

"We are thrilled with your service! It is making our backyard useable again." -Idaho Falls Resident

"I promise you that I have and will continue to recommend you to my family, friends and neighbors for I have been very thrilled with your service and work ethic." -Idaho Falls Resident



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