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4 Paws Care

Consider pet insurance to help you with unexpected vet bills whether it be an accident, illness, hereditary, congenital, or chronic conditions



Snake River Animal Shelter

The Mission of the Snake River Animal Shelter is to promote quality care and compassion for domestic animals in the upper Snake River valley.

We aim to create and maintain an environment where neglected animals can be temporarily housed, treated, and placed in caring, permanent homes.

We are committed to expanding the humanitarian efforts in our region by creating groundbreaking programs to educate the community on the care and treatment of animals.

By building a state-of-the-art shelter facility, we will be able to implement these programs and provide safe shelter for animals in transition.

Please help SRAS by donating what you can here

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Missing Pet Network

Be sure to check this link if you find a lost pet or want to report one missing!


Pet Finder

Are you looking for an adoptable pet? Check out Pet Finder to make your match. There are a lot of local animals in shelters nearby that may be facing extermination and they need your help! Check it out today or visit your local shelter or humane society.


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