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How does the service work?

We come to your property on a consistant schedule depending on the service level you request. Our most popular service request is once per week. We let ourselves in your yard and remove any targets that we find and haul them away with us.

What do you do with the poo?

We double bag it and dispose of it at the Bonneville County Transfer Station. Unfortunately there is no composting or recycling value to dog waste.

Do you offer discounts or charge more for the size of my dog?

No we don't. Even though large dog feces weighs more, smaller dogs actually take more time.

Do you clean up after farm animals?

Not so far. We have had some casual requests and will consider it if there is a real market for it. The equipment investment is substantially greater than dog dirt scooping! :)

Do you scoop in the winter?

Yes we do. We understand that you might not use your yard as much in the winter, but your dogs still do. The only time we don't scoop is if there has been significant snow accumulation in the couple days leading up to your cleaning. We do not charge for snow days.

How do you get paid?

We mail out invoices at the beginning of the month for the previous months service. The invoice will show service days, snow days or other discounts. You can pay by check, using the "Pay Now" feature on our website or by setting up automated deductions on your credit card.

We request that you pay for one time clean up service when the service is rendered. We accept, cash, check and all major credit cards.

Do you ever miss a day?

Occasionally. Recent snow accumulation in the winter may prevent a route from being run. We may also miss a day because we have taken a vacation! Vacation days are usually planned and you will be made aware of them in advance via a newsletter mailed to you with an invoice.








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