Picture Submission.

When submitting a picture, please make sure that there are no people in the picture. Otherwise we would need to have their permission to use it. The fewer other distractions there are (cars, animals etc) the better. Feel free to photograph places and things. Name your picture, ie, Reeds Dairy, etc.

Try to get interesting angles. The more unrecognizable the place, the better. We are thinking of putting a calendar together every year so make the resolution as high as you can so we can use it in print. Center the image and make it as level as you can. Try not to get a lot of foreground in the picture and make good use of the light. Email pictures to pictures@picsofplaces.com. Thanks in advance!!


Game types: There are an ever increasing number of game types. So far they are as follows.

Facebook "regular" game and Facebook "bonus" game.

Both games are played on Facebook and you must have a Facebook account in order to play.

OBJECT: The object of the game is to guess the location or name of the object in the picture. The first couple of pictures in the series will be the smallest with the least amount of detail. You will be allowed to guess for at least 24 hours before the next picture in the series is revealed. Unless, of course, the identity of the object is guessed.

RULES: The pictures will be uploaded to Facebook as a status report. If you allow posts from our Facebook page to appear in your news feed, you will see right away when a new picture is uploaded. Your guesses need to be communicated as comments to the picture post to which you are guessing. This way we can keep track of the guesses in a logical manner. No guesses will be counted on an older picture after the new picture has been uploaded. Be sure to comment your guesses on the LATEST PICTURE IN THE SERIES! Please limit yourself to one guess per hour.

Website "scramble" game.

The scramble game is played on this website. Occasionally we will upload a pretty easy picture on the home page along with the rules of that particular scramble (you will have to scroll to the bottom of the home page to find it). It will most often be that the third email recieved at scramble@picsofplaces.com with the correct answer will be the winner or something along those lines, so pay attention to the individual rules! Real prizes may be offered on these games as well so watch for them! You will be notified by return email if you are a winner and the website will be updated to the fact that there is a winner if it doesn't happen to be you. Have fun!

All comments, suggestions and criticisms will be taken into consideration. It is our goal to make this a fun and exciting game while at the same time learning a bit more about our city and what it offers. Play nice, play fair and have FUN!!

Website "Whacked" game.

The whacked game is played on this website. Once in a while we will upload a picture that is totally whacked and almost unrecognizable. It is your mission (should you choose it) to unravel the mystery and identify the pic before the "normal" one gets uploaded. The whacked game can be found on the games tab. GAMES