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Want to advertise on our maps? See our production schedule here and call us at 208-589-3283 or email dave@godavid.net

Q: Why advertise on hotel maps?

A: What better medium to insure that your ad is directly handed to visitors to your town? You now are reaching potential NEW money that otherwise might have gone to your competition or not spent at all!


Q: How long will my ad be displayed?

A: Your ad will be displayed for three months and available to all the visitors that come through the hotel doors in at least 4 hotels in your market area!


Q: Can you help me design my ad?

A: Ad design is a free service.


Q: Do you ever offer incentives or cost savings?

A: Prepaying your ad before our ad deadline will often net you a hefty discount. Talk to your sales representative or email us here at ads@godavid.net



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